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Welcome. I am pleased to show you around. There’s plenty to do. Look below and you will see that you can book an art testimony party, buy original and prints as well as discover the journey of being an artist through my blog. It is hoped that you can follow me on this journey. I’ve got a lot up my sleeve, but overall I’m looking to grow and develop this company into something that will always benefit you. I am proud and look forward to seeing you more often. Thank you for stopping by!

Thru His vessel JB

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“I (first) expected a discussion about paintings that were previously painted. Didn’t know what it was beforehand. It is an amazing Holy Spirit led event without our thoughts getting in the way. It’s spectacular, the Holy Spirit bringing together a work of art.”

B.M- Brooklyn, NY

“A powerful expression of the Spirit within the artist.”

D.D. Staten Island, NY

“I like that it took us through a process that communicated pain, healing, growth and life.”

P.B. Edison, NJ

About Us

Artdify is a company started by visual artist, Thru His vessel JB, in 2016. Artdify is a conjunction of two words; art and edify which represents ‘art work that builds up’. All of Thru His vessel JB’s work exemplifies this fact and has various series of artwork that reflects biblical inspiration and positive influences, which will result in moments or perhaps eons of endless euphoria that does not leave .

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