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Welcome,  pleasure to see that you have stopped by! I’m sprucing up the site a bit, but you are welcome to look around. For the past three years, my focus primarily encouraged people who are primarily of the Christian faith, through live painting variety sessions and artwork that tells a story.

 No matter your background, everyone has a story and eventually I would like to tell yours. I enjoy reading physical books, newspapers and magazines in between painting strokes or pasting material away. Since everything these days are digital, it’s like some people forgot how to read, how to turn the page. Like these forgotten materials,  the books and magazines taking space in your closet, do not need to stay there.  Your  story can be told through these books and magazines, giving them a new life. Using recycled materials and acrylics as my primary mediums, it can be through a live painting session, or commissioned artwork. Or through my collection of artwork either “For a Single Purpose” or “S.E.E.D.S. J1778”. There’s always a good  story with a divine purpose in mind.

Thru His vessel JB

        Your trash is your treasure


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Artdify is a company started by visual artist, Thru His vessel JB, in 2016. Artdify is a conjunction of two words; art and edify which represents ‘art work that builds up’. All of Thru His vessel JB’s art work and live painting shows exemplifies this fact.  Through various series of artwork utilizing acrylics and recycled materials, it is deemed to put a smile on your face, thus ‘ artdify ‘you .

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