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Yes, the title is correct. Today I am featuring the 6th country for my recent trip to Europe in which I saw 7 countries in 8 days. It was a splendid experience provided through Expat Explore. I highly recommend them for great tours on a budget especially for family vacations. In this post, we will talk about oui oui, France!

Eiffel tower and Thru His vessel JB


Other than the infamous Eiffel tower in Paris, France, there are many structures to see in Paris. Unfortunately, I do not have many to show on this blog because my SD card got corrupted and thus cannot show any more at this time, until I get it fixed. Fortunately, if you the reader ever meet in person, I will gladly show you my pics of Europe in my album. I make albums for every trip. One of these buildings is something you should visit, especially as an artist.

The Lourve

The Lourve is the biggest museum in the world! And it only holds art. In its present collection, there are approximately 400,000 pieces of art and currently exhibit 8% of its collection or roughly 35,000. That is a lot of art. I’ve enjoyed making a trip here and being inspired of all of the art it contains. However, it is a trip you would have to make more than once. I understand it is the length of a half marathon or roughly 13 miles long and has more than 6 levels. I do not remember exactly how many, but I’m sure it is noted on their website. It is also a building of historic proportions because this was once a King’s palace. The royalty lived good because this is a massive edifice. That king must have had hundreds of servants so at least they would all have been in contact with one another. Either way, the building itself is a beautiful work of art.

The Montparnasse

The Montparnasse Tower is the largest skyscraper in Paris, France with an observatory deck, similar to the Empire State building in New York. Below is one of the views from the deck:

View from the top in Paris

Included on the deck are binoculars, which you would have to pay about one euro and a sitting area to just enjoy the view and chill. There are maps included as well to identify what you are looking at. The picture above does not give it justice, seeing it in person you just see the beauty of God, of His creation creating a world of infinite possibilities.

What can you expect as an artist on a trip to France?

As an artist, it is simply mind blowing. I am simply salivating of having a visual feast of all the sites in Paris. I highly recommend going to the Lourve and give yourself the whole day to look around and feel inspired. Also getting on top of the tower will also give you perspective, really. It’s hard to do anything in such a sharp vantage point from a photograph. It’s good to take it in live. It would be a good idea to bring a sketch pad with you in general and take lots of pictures.

Otherwise next and final stop is Belgium. Enjoy!

God bless you.

For the love of God and art!

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